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Here at Redline, we offer you 47 years of automotive knowledge and professionalism.  We provide service for the American car enthusiast , specializing in the restoration of all GM gauge  makes and models from 1920's and later.  Specifically, we restore cable drive speedos, cable drive and electric tachs, small gauges and conversions.  If you have a gauge of an earlier year, please just send us a few clear, closeup photos.   Additionally, we service analog/mechanical/ticking clocks for most cars, not just GM.  Our restoration process for America's automotive history begins at the back pan and is given the same attention to detail all the way to the front face plate.  It is our commitment to continually provide state of the art workmanship on all of your gauges and to offer exceptional personalized service.

Contact Information:


phone:        731-571-0766




shipping:  Redline Gauge & Clock Repair

                    John & Tammy Dvorski

                    3427 W. Cedar Lake Rd.

                    Greenbush, MI 48738

BIO: John Dvorski

Growing up in a dairy farming community in mid-Michigan meant hard work, long days, and family always near for fun, laughter, and support.  Cows, crops, and curd.  4 am and 4 pm milking and weekends in the fields.  But at the age of 14, all of that changed for John.  His uncle, who lived but a short bike ride away, built engines for local racers.  Young John walked into the barn that day and there on the dirt floor were two old tires with a V-8 laying across them.  As soon as his uncle turned the engine over, the smell that washed over him was indescribable and has stayed with him through the years.  John was instantly hooked.  From auto shop, to Denver Automotive and Diesel College, to the U.S. Navy, John’s love of the classics has never wavered.  Now, 28 years in Redline Gauge and Clock Repair, the passion to restore American Classic Cars from the 1920’s and later is a matter of constant pride.  He has restored gauge clusters for cars headed to the Barrett Jackson auctions, 4 time winner of the Indianapolis 500 A. J. Foyt, the Tonight Show’s Jay Leno, the iconic Thunderbird from "American Graffiti", the 1957 Corvette from "Animal House", and NCRS judges. Attention to detail is upper most in each and every project.  From the back pan to the front lens, every care is taken with the gauges that the valued customers of Redline entrust to his expertise.

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