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Instrument Clusters

We provide service for the American car enthusiast , specializing in the restoration of all GM gauge  makes and models from 1920's and later.  Specifically, we restore cable drive speedos, cable drive and electric tachs, small gauges and conversions.  If you have a non-GM gauge or gauges, please contact us as we may be able to assist you too.  If you have a gauge of an earlier year, please just send us a few clear, closeup photos.   If you have a Corvette, please see the prices below. 
For all other GM makes and models, we can give you a good rough estimate of the cost to restore yours by simply giving us a call or better yet, email us several pictures (  We will get back to you with a very close estimate.  Once your gauges arrive, we will write up an exact quote with our recommendations.  We do not do any work without your approval.  *See fine print page.

Corvette Clusters -

1953 - 1954 Corvette Cluster

  • 6v. system includes speedo, tach, and 4 small gauges.  This price does not include the clock, chrome, lenses, or hands.

1955 - 1962 Corvette Cluster

         Do Not send the housing that bolts to the car.

1963 - 1964 Corvette Cluster

1965 - 1967 Corvette Cluster

1968 - 1981 Corvette Center Console Cluster

          Includes mechanical or quartz repair of clock.

1982 Corvette Center Console Cluster

Corvette Cluster Housing -

1963 - 1964 housing - strip and paint only

1965 - 1967  housing - Strip and paint only

NON-Corvette Clusters: speedo, tach, clock, small gauges

1967 Olds 442 Cluster


$525 + parts
$525 + parts
$575 + parts
$550 + parts

Please let us know right away if your 63-67 Corvette is NCRS as the chrome must be sent out.

$425 + parts

$550 + parts

$1500 - 1800
$425 + parts
*Price does not include refacing or parts. 
*We do not accept the 1968-82 housing as it is too fragile to ship and breaks easily.  If you choose to send it anyway, Redline is not responsible for the repair or replacing a broken housing either shipping to us or from us.
Please do not ship switches.  We do not restore.  There is a $50 removal fee if the switches are included.  Additionally, another $25 fee will be added if the ignition key is not sent with a cluster that includes switches.

We do not warranty Aftermarket gauge repair.
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