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Tach Prices

Cable Drive Tachometer repair  -

     Parts can include but are not limited to: mainframe, speed cup, gears, pointers, lens, face, chrome, etc.  Quote will include prices for parts.

Electric Tachometer Conversion

     Cable driven conversion to electric service 

          *Mechanical to Electric conversions are restored using your mechanical tach and are ready for GM H.E.I. systems or points.  Connection to any system other than GM is not warranted by Redline and the customer assumes all responsibility for installation and function of the tach.

Electric Tach Calibration ONLY (no parts included) -

1975 - 1982 Corvette Tach Repair


Original Electric Tach Repair

Knee-knocker/ Bow Tie Tach Repair

1966 Impala Tachometer

     Created from your clock or clock delete plate and

          back plate.

$190 + parts

$350 + parts

$240 + parts

$300 + parts

$350 + parts



We offer 6K rpm with 5K redline, 7K rpm with 5500 redline, and 7K rpm with 6K redline.  All you need to do is let us know what you need.  If you are not sure, give us a call or email with your motor specifications.

1965 Impala Tachometer
         *Created from your clock

1967 Olds Tach Repair

SW Greenline Tach

Convert Manifold to Tach

Remount tach board for 1965 Impala

Clean Face & Paint Pointer Only

*No warranty on gauge operation*

We do not warranty Aftermarket gauge repair.







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